What is the Walker “Worry Free Cremation Process”?


Families in the Greater Cincinnati area and Northern Kentucky trust Walker Funeral Home during their time of need because of our exceptional care, willingness to provide the best value, our innovative funeral options — and most importantly, the assurance that their loved one will be cared for with dignity and respect. When families, or the advanced funeral plan, indicated their choice for cremation some important questions come up. In fact, the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) recommends that families considering cremation ask the following questions:


In choosing a firm, CANA recommends you ask the following questions regarding policies and procedures for proper cremation practices.

  • Do they have their own crematory or do they work with a cremation firm? If the latter, which crematory do they use?
  • Who owns the crematory facility?
  • How often do they inspect that facility?
  • Are licenses and permits current?
  • How many operators do they have and what type of training do they require?
  • Does the crematory have refrigeration?
  • How long does the crematory hold the body prior to cremation?
  • Does the crematory have liability insurance?
  • Does the crematory facility allow witnessing by family members?

Information from CANA



At Walker, we are happy to answer all these questions and any others you might have. We also  offer fair pricing on all our goods and services including affordable cremation starting at just $695.

Our families appreciate our knowledgeable staff and our transparency as it relates to what we do and how we do it. We are licensed by the state of Ohio and we follow all rules and regulations precisely.

As an added layer of assurance, we developed the “Worry Free Cremation ™ Process” that allow families to know and understand how we ensure accuracy and compassionately care for their loved one.


Worry Free Cremation™ Process


Five Steps Before Cremation Takes Place


  • A Wrist Identification Band is placed on your loved one the moment we arrive.
  • The cremation container is labeled with your loved one’s name when they are placed into the refrigeration facility.
  • Your loved one is logged into the facility logbook with name, date, time and the driver’s name, then placed into the refrigeration facility.
  • The General Manager or Office Manager reviews all paperwork to ensure accuracy and that proper authorizations and permissions have been received. Then they sign the cremation log.
  • Families who wish to witness the cremation and may do so in our state-of-the-art cremation facility. Visit our Forms page to view cremations brochures for more information about this process, pricing on all cremation options, and viewing/memorial options. Also, feel free to contact us with questions at wecare@herbwalker.com or (513) 251-6200


Five Steps During and After Cremation Takes Place


  • Your loved one is removed from the refrigeration facility and recorded in the logbook with the date, time, and crematory operator’s name.
  • The crematory checklist is dated and the start time is recorded, and it is signed right before and immediately after the cremation takes place.
  • The crematory checklist and numbered identification tag are placed on the control panel of the cremation chamber during the process.
  • After the cremation takes place, the cremains are swept out and taken to the processing station. The crematory checklist and identification tag are placed on the processing station until the processing of the remains is complete.
  • The number on the identification tag and cremation checklist are reviewed. Then a cremation certificate and label are created before placing the remains in the urn selected by the family, or a temporary container. Once all the information has been verified the remains are placed into the urn.


Click to view our selection of Cremation Urns and Pendants.

If you are interested in planning your funeral in advance, visit our Preplanning page or give us a call (513) 251-6200.




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