Grandparenting // 21 Ways to Make Memories that Last



Doting, loving grandparents are such a blessing in the life of a child. The hug of a beloved grandparent can be a safe, soft place for a child to land in this crazy, confusing world. The warmth, comfort, and encouragement that a grandparent provides is like nothing else in the world and will never be forgotten. As parents, we are often in a hurry. We have things to do, places to go, training, teaching, and so much laundry! Some of us do an excellent job of taking time to slow down a bit for our kids — but we usually have to be very intentional about it. It’s not easy.

Grandparents on the other hand delight in the little moments because they know from experience that life moves way too fast. They know that the little hands we hold each day will soon slip from our grasp and they won’t need us to help them cross the street or tie their shoes anymore. Grandparents love to say “yes” to almost every request because they know they’ll see the child’s face light up with joy and excitement. They give love, they give time and they leave lasting memories that will live on long after they have left this earthly world.

If you are a grandparent looking to provide wonderful childhood memories for your grandchildren we have some suggestions. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or constantly buy them the latest greatest toys — it’s all about giving the gift of time. That is what they will remember! The memories will last well after the toy has been lost, broken or outgrown.


Making Memories With Your Grandchildren

Here is a list of 21 things you can do with your grandchildren and they are guaranteed to leave them with lasting loving memories of you, your kindness, care and encouragement.

1. Plant flowers together — in pots or in flowers beds. Kids always love digging in the dirt and it’s so rewarding watching things they planted grow.

2. Make seasonal crafts together. Need ideas? Pinterest is FILLED with them. Just type in super easy fall crafts and you’ll have plenty of ideas to choose from.

3. Tell them about the good ol’ days. Children really do love hearing about what life was like before the internet, iPhones, and Facebook. Invite them to ask you questions.


5. Let them sleep over. You can make it extra fun by telling stories about their mom or dad when they were your grandchild’s age. You can build a fort with blankets, pop popcorn and watch an old movie.

6. Put together a scavenger or treasure hunt.

7. Go Geocaching (So fun!)

8. Have some fun outdoors like going camping, fishing, skipping rocks, hiking and more!

9. Take them on special outings and if you call them “Adventures” they’ll love it even more. Adventures can be a picnic in the park, a trip to the library, riding on public transportation, taking a train ride, etc.

10. Eat dessert first.

11. Let them play dress up in your costume jewelry or old clothes. Hours of FUN and great for photos.

12. Take LOTS of photos wherever you go. The children might make faces or sigh and say “not again” but trust me you’ll all love looking at them later.

13. Speaking of photos and pictures, you can go to a photo website like Shutterfly and create a story. You can just add photographs but you and your grandchildren can also use some of your photos and write a storybook. Hint: Around the holidays I’ve found lots of coupons for free photobooks (you pay shipping) or other deals.

14. Take them berry picking.

15. Visit museums. You don’t usually have to drive far to find a fun and educational museum.

16. Be the voice of reason when children butt heads with their parents. It’s tricky though, you have to do it without getting in the middle of it.

17. Paint, draw, sew, color in a coloring book– just create together. In this high-tech world, teaching your grandchildren to create with their hands is so very important.

18. Bake a cake and have FUN decorating. Bring out sprinkles, frosting, fruit, coconut, candy or anything else you think would be good to use. It might get messy but it’ll be delicious.

19. Take your grandchildren with you when you visit with your friends. When children are around seniors they gain appreciation and compassion for what it means to grow older. Take them to assisted living facilities to visit with folks. They can take cookies, pictures, or just spend time saying hello to someone who might be lonely.

20. Teach them to serve others. Any service projects you can do in your community are highly teachable moments that will be remembered.

21. Just spend time doing what you love to do. Play cards, garden, dance and and enjoy every moment you get with your darling little (or big) ones.


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